An Analysis of Figurative Language Found in South Sumatera Songs Popularized by Armadi Raga

Istiqomah, Zakiah and Dewi, Septi Riana (2022) An Analysis of Figurative Language Found in South Sumatera Songs Popularized by Armadi Raga. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta.

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This study aimed to analyze the lyrics of songs in the regional language of South Sumatra which was popularized by Armadi Raga as the main data of the research. In this study, the author discusses two problems; 1) What types of figurative language are used in Armadi Raga’s songs? and 2) What type dominates the figurative language used in Armadi Raga’s songs? By using a qualitative descriptive method, the writer provides a detailed description of the figurative language in the lyrics of Armadi Raga’s songs. The writer chose X.J Kennedy’s theory to classify and analyze the data. According to X.J Kennedy, there are 12 types of figurative language. It consists of comparative, contradictive, and correlative. Comparative language consists of Personification, Metaphor, and Simile. Contradictive figurative language consists of Hyperbole, litotes, Paradox, and Irony. Correlative figurative language consists of Metonymy, Synecdoche, Symbol, Allusion, and Ellipsis. As a result, there were 61 data found in 20 selected songs from Armadi, but the writer only found 8 types of them. The writer found 12 data (19.67%) of metaphor, 4 data (6.56%) of simile, 7 data (11.47%) of personification, 16 data (26.23%) of hyperbole, 6 data (9.84%) of litotes, 3 data (4.92%) of paradox, 2 data (3.28%) of synecdoche, and 11 data (18.03%) of ellipsis. There are 4 other types of figurative languages that the writer cannot find from the data source (irony, metonymy, symbol, and allusion). The most dominant figurative language used in Armadi’s songs is hyperbole with 16 data or (26.23%).

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